Royal Wedding

Managed to resist the urge to watch The Wedding in my wedding dress, settling for my dressing gown instead as took advantage of a much need lie-in on the morning of the royal nuptials.  The day passed off peacefully enough in our house, with 14 nearly 15 year old DD and I agreeing the dress looked lovely, she looked lovely, he was lovely and the whole thing was well, you know the rest. My 16 year old DS watched it for a few minutes in the morning ‘ Cos it’s a historical event, who cares what she’s wearing ‘ – apart from the whole world you mean, duh – then settled down to a day’s worth of GCSE revision. As I checked on him throughout the following 10 hours this involved:  3 episodes of 2 And A Half Men, an hour spent chucking a rugby ball round the garden with his friend J who came round to ‘revise together ‘, 4 meal breaks, a half hour trip to Tesco Express, an indeterminate amount of time spent on Facebook and a short kip in the afternoon.  Any and all attempts to get him to focus were met with accusations of ‘ negativity’, something I am rather prone to apparently. ‘ So how much did you actually do today then? “ I enquire at 9 o clock that evening as I try and have a conversation with DS in his room.

‘ Over 2 hours ‘. ‘ And you’re happy with that? ‘ I ask. ‘ Stop being so negative, you’re always so negative ‘. ’ Well, tomorrow is another day ‘ I say brightly, ‘ What are your revision plans? ‘ ‘ You’re helping me with the war poems and J is coming round to do some science together and can I have a toastie please, I’ve hardly eaten anything all day & I’m really hungry. Shut the door on your way out ‘.  17 days until his first GCSE and counting, I hope the poor lamb doesn’t overdo it.


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