Old enough to know better

Friday night and my DS is out celebrating the end of GCSEs with a group of his friends.  In the week that saw the publication of yet another report detailing the dangerous rise in teenage drinking, I am prepared for the worst when he appears in the kitchen dressed in his going out clothes, a vapour trail of hair product and deodorant behind him.

‘ We’re going to celebrate the end of our exams, can I have some money please? ‘  ‘ Where are you going?’ I am expecting the mumbled name of some tenacious teenager who has somehow persuaded his or her poor parents to let them hold a party where much excessive drinking and unsuitable jolly japes will take place. ‘ Nando’s ‘.    ‘Oh ‘.  I am thrown for a moment but recover quickly.  ‘ But where are you going after Nando’s? ‘ I have him now.  ‘ Home. J is staying, his parents are away and I said you wouldn’t mind. So can I have 20 quid please? ‘ I hand the money over happily, it’s  a small price to pay for a celebratory night of fine dining with one’s companions, and think about the contrast between this Friday night and the one about 18 months ago when I received a call from a friend of DS informing me that  DS ‘ wasn’t very well ‘ due to ‘ er, you know, too much alcohol ‘. I was surprised by the news as he had left the house less than 45 minutes earlier to head to the downs ‘ to hang out ‘, so much damage had been done in a short time. We established he was conscious, sitting propped up against a tree being poorly and had consumed 3 cans of lager and about half a ( small ) bottle of vodka.   I fetched him home and mopped his brow while he groaned ‘ Why do I feel so bad, why do I feel so bad? ‘ Like the rest of us DS learnt the hard way that evening that what seems like the best fun ever can rapidly turn into a nightmare of head spinning, sickness and occasionally A & E, something obviously forgotten by hundreds of lashed up Take That fans Old Enough To Know Better this week.

DS returns at the appointed hour, ie. 11 o clock, barely even smelling of booze and looking every inch the model teen. Something I doubt he is going to replicate when he goes to Newquay in a few weeks – oh God.

  1. I had to smile a few weeks ago my eldest when to s birthday party and there was drinking. She didn’t not because she is some angel just because she has alcoholic grandparents so is rather frightened of it. Though I’m sure that will change. Anyway she said it was such a sight to see people getting drunk being really loud and the popular girls kisses the dorks and then bring sick on the front lawn.

    Then she said at school the following Monday they were all on about this amazing party and all the fun they had. Took her a while to realise they were talking about the one she attended.

    • My daughter went to a similar party a while back & come home shocked at how one girl, very pretty, popular with the boys etc, had got so drunk she was sick all over herself & worse – vowing she would never get herself into that state. She does drink but so far not to excess….

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