Living with Dolly Parton

Today my daughter has been a dream. We held hands and cuddled at the Mall as we stocked up on back to school supplies and bras – for her not me, it’s like living with Dolly Parton on a cosmetic surgery binge these past few months – and she insisted on buying me a rather delicious little takeaway lunch from M & S. The reason for this sudden burst of affection was my tearful admission in the car outside the Mall that all the last minute to-ing and fro-ing over DS’s 6th form choice had taken it’s toll and I was feeling well and truly rubbish, at which point she shrugged off her stroppy teenage daughter mantel and adopted one of kind, sweet, loving daughter instead and took me under her wing. Offering up a combination of real therapy tips and Harry Potter wisdom ‘ Be careful to exercise curiosity with caution ‘ not relevant in this instance we agreed but a good one to throw into the pot anyway – with distracting observations such as ‘ The communists are the same as the conservatives aren’t they? ‘ and gentle teasing about my supposedly funny ways ( it’s not normal to engage in conversation with people who serve you in shops apparently ), she took my mind off my worries for a good couple of hours and we had the nicest time.

When we got back I told her I was going to write my blog and she pinched my cheeks in a coochie coo way and said sweetly ‘ Ah, why? Nobody reads it mama, no one’s interested in your life …’ I told her she was wrong and in fact nearly XXXX people have read my words. ‘ Ah, no they haven’t, but it’s so sweet that you think they have ‘ and she patted me on the head gently as if not wanting to disturb my elderly delusions.

  1. ron said:

    I’ll always read your blog.

  2. I read it!

    Your daughter sounds like a lot of fun, even if she doesn’t appreciate her mother’s writing talents. Now please help me find a way to get an M&S takeaway lunch out of my head. The thought of a chicken and basil pasta salad is far more appealing than my limp cheese sandwich.

  3. Mmmm, now you’ve got my stomach going at the thought of a delicious little M & S lunch…Despite her ( teasing ) comments I think she likes my blog although she said ‘ Now I know you’re writing it I shall be reading it every Sunday night..’ She is also following me on Twitter & retweeting any comments I make about her to her friends. I won’t be following her though due to the content & language she uses!

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