Macbeth, Lies and Birthdays

My birthday this week and after a small teatime celebration at home with a few family and friends I head off to Zizzi’z with the teens.  They often eat with their dad at the Clifton branch of this popular restaurant chain and are greeted with enthusiasm by the staff who quickly find us a table despite the place being very busy – there’s a two for one offer on at the moment, something I have rather irritatingly failed to take advantage of by not bringing along the requisite online code.  DD is off to Stratford to see A Midsummer Night’s Dream with the school on Friday night and the conversation turns to Shakespeare. I remind them that ‘ I did A Midsummer…’ ‘ Yeah, you did it for O’Level, we know and you did The Crucible for A level ‘. DD is irritated when I inadvertently repeat myself but I point out that given my advancing years she had better get used to it.  DS did Macbeth for GCSE and after inhaling his pizza ( he eats incredibly fast but with little noise or obvious motion ) comments ‘ Macbeth is stupid ‘.  ‘ Why? ‘ I ask.  He shrugs ‘ It just wouldn’t happen… ‘ Before I can launch into a stalwart defence of the great man’s fictions DD jumps in.  ‘ I liked his wife, his wife’s really good ‘ …‘ But it’s all her fault, she’s the one who makes Macbeth kill Banquo which starts the whole situation ‘ responds DS and they’re off, rowing happily about the interfering habits of Lady Macbeth while I look around at the other diners, hoping they are listening in to our unusually highfalutin dinner chat, resisting the urge to point at my pretty pair and say‘ Look, they’re talking about Shakespeare, see how civilised we are! ‘ By the time dinner has finished they have returned to more prosaic topics, ie. the merits of Made In Chelsea ( she’s a fan ) versus Jersey Shore ( his reality show of choice  ) and what time she requires picking up on Friday night ( midnight ).  ‘ Have you had a nice birthday? ‘ asks DD as we step outside into the drizzling rain. ‘ Yes, very, it’s not so bad being 42…’ DD snorts in disbelief but as I always say – It’s my birthday and I’ll lie if I want to.

  1. How nice that you managed a civilised meal with no ‘Double, double, toil and trouble’. Mine are aged six and under and restaurants are more a case of ‘Sit. Eat. Please. No! Don’t Spill. Bill, please’ – looking forward to discussing TOWIE and all the rest of it when mine get a bit older.

  2. Ah, I remember dining with mine when they were little, my daughter didn’t get through one meal without knocking over her drink – ever. Now it’s a much more civilised experience but rare that we discuss Shakespeare – normally it’s general gossip & X Factor!

  3. I was regaling my lady workmates with how I enjoyed getting home to my kids 13 and ten and much fun I had with them, and one of them was like can I come and live in your house? Of course I got home that night and my daughter was in full melt down mode – I didn’t know whether to send her to her room or get the holy water and perform an exorcism. Sounds like you had a great night

    • Haha, they like to catch you out! My daughter veers between utterly delightful & completely hellish – all in the space of 5 minutes sometimes…

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