As mentioned on the About page I work full time, running my own, new business

Stuck was borne out of the frustrations of trying to help my teens with their homework, an idea that came from a very real need.  Because they often forget what they did in class, or don’t understand but are too embarrassed to put their hand up, once they get home they find themselves well and truely stuck, in particular with subjects that are learnt sequentially like maths and the sciences.  What they need at this point is access to an experienced teacher going back over the bits they don’t understand – which is precisely what provides!

A bit about

We recently launched with Maths, as this is the subject most pupils struggle with, covering the entire GCSE ( and shortly IGCSE ) curriculum in over 200 short ( 2 – 10 minute ),  easy to follow video lessons taught by an experienced and 
engaging Head of Maths.

Each video is accompanied by a Digital Whiteboard making it even easier to follow the lessons and is backed up by an interactive Test Yourself tool enabling pupils to do questions online, reinforcing what they have learnt from the videos.  And because the lessons are on video, they can obviously pause and rewind as many times as they need.  A Messageboard area allows users to ask questions and share helpful hints and tips and the Dashboard is a great way for pupils to organise their work online – something which most teenagers are not very good at! Stuck on homework is quite simply a great way for pupils to access high quality, real teaching at home.

We are keen to let as many Parents, Maths Teachers & Pupils as possible know about us and are therefore offering FREE ACCESS to the site for a limited period with a view to a brief chat afterwards to get some feedback about the site.

If you are interested in a free Stuck on homework trial, please contact me on my blog or alternatively via e-mail –


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